What we do

Musical Memories Yorkshire works in three areas

  • Community activities and events
  • Projects
  • Big Sing

Musical Memories Yorkshire

Musical Memories Yorkshire  is a social enterprise providing fun social singing sessions for older people in rural communities in North Yorkshire.

A Musical Memories ‘Happy Hour’ is a fun, social singing sessions for older people in Yorkshire during which we sing together some of the best known songs of the 20th century. Everyone is provided with a songbook in large print for easy reading and the singing is accompanied by live piano and guitar.

We have always loved playing music and singing together and started Musical Memories in order to create social singing sessions in various locations to help bring older folk together for the simple pleasure of singing, talking, remembering and enjoying each others company – not to mention the cuppa and biscuits!

•Studies into singing sessions for older people have shown that singing together can boost levels of immunity, reduce stress, and improve mood and memory leading to a positive impact on overall health and well-being.

A Musical Memories ‘Happy Hour’ is the perfect opportunity to get together in a social setting, have a cuppa, reminisce, make new friends and sing! Music therapy has been used to treat people of all ages to overcome symptoms of depression, anxiety and loneliness for a number of years. However, after recent scientific research was conducted on its benefits, music therapy has seen a huge increase in popularity with older people, especially those living with dementia.